Wash your hair properly

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Dr. Tran Hanh Vy, Department of Dermatology Aesthetic Skin, University Hospital of Medicine and Pharmacy, Ho Chi Minh City, said washing hair is a simple routine, but many people do not care, making the scalp vulnerable and make hair harden fast.

According to Dr. Vy, shampooing regularly weekly is a way to clean oily skin, but should not be washed regularly. Each week should only wash from two to three times.

"This frequency is reasonable, suitable for most hair conditions as well as scalp, ensuring the hair and scalp are always clean, avoiding stickiness," stressed the doctor.

In addition, too much or too little washing of hair negatively affects the growth of hair, causing hair to become dry, thin, and brittle. Hair loses shine, develops dandruff, damaged scalp.

Choose the right shampoo, as the shampoo for coarse hair may not be suitable for fine hairs. You need to understand the hair texture to find a good oil and carefully read the sulfate content of the shampoo. This is a type of detergent that is suitable for people with naturally oily hair, ie oily hair and skin, and for others not.

When washing, do not use fingernails to scratch the skin due to thin scalp. When scratching vigorously, the scalp is prone to peeling off the outer protective layers, unable to hold hair, leading to loss, dandruff and itching.

Therefore, instead of using your nails, you should only use the tips of your fingers or hands to gently massage. After washing, do not use a dry towel to rub your hair, but use a soft towel to gently absorb the hair to keep the moisture and the protective film around the hair from damage.

Before washing, you have to untangle your hair before showering with a wide-tooth comb or a hair-removal brush to reduce hair loss in the shower.

Note that you should use warm water to wash your hair to help the cuticles open and easily remove dirt and oil. Then, you use cold water to rinse will help the cuticles close, to help skin shine.

When finished washing, do not go to the street while the hair is wet, wet hair will easily get dust. Do not sleep when your hair is wet, otherwise, it will cause a lot of hair loss, causing dandruff, creating conditions for fungi to grow ...

Do not wash your hair early in the morning or late at night, harm your health, easily lead to colds, flu or stroke in people with risk factors.

Thuy An

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