Towel mask for runner

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In the context of Covid-19 spreading rapidly, people are recommended to wash their hands frequently, wear masks and do not gather in large numbers. In places that have been loosened or blocked, many runners continue to maintain the habit of jogging on deserted roads, keeping a minimum distance of 2 m with people around, not running in groups and keeping masks..

However, according to health experts, covering your face while running has many potential risks, causing shortness of breath, fatigue and sweating more. Trang Podiumrunner gợi ý runner nên dùng tấm che mặt dạng khăn ống làm từ vải, vừa hợp tiêu chí an toàn thời dịch, vừa tạo thoải mái cho người chạy.

Sewn mask with a thin, breathable, highly elastic technical fabric.

Sewn mask with a thin, breathable, highly elastic technical fabric.

Theo Podiumrunner, từ năm 1986, các VĐV chạy việt dã đã sử dụng khăn ống trong các cuộc thi khắc nghiệt như giải Marathon des Sables hay Badwater 135. Dạng khẩu trang này quấn quanh cổ và mặt, có tác dụng chống nắng, tránh côn Incinerate or prevent sand and dust from entering the mouth. Some tuck extra ice on the neck of the towel to cool down the body.

Dianette Wells - running leg of The Planet Atacama Crossing - made a 7-day journey on the Chilean desert with a tube. According to female athletes, sewing accessories made of thin, breathable, highly elastic technical fabric are very handy. "Without a tissue, I wouldn't consider climbing to the top of a snowy mountain, racing through the jungle or running through the desert," she said.

Hardrock 100 champion - female athlete Darcy Piceu - also used the habit of using a tube when competing and practicing. With American running legs, the accessory can be worn on the head to keep warm in the pass, or add more headlights when running at night without causing discomfort. During the epidemic, she often wore a necklace around her neck, pulling it up to cover her nose and mouth if in contact with others. According to Darcy, wearing this type of mask is also the way she practices for racing in high terrain, less oxygen than usual.

Some people will choose a traditional mask, compact design, equipped with antibacterial layers, cover their face and fix it with a strap over their ears when exercising outside. But Dianette Wells athletes said that this type is not easy to breathe, lower utility than towel. According to Wells, she also used accessories instead of jackets when participating in the race in the hot weather on Borneo Island (Malaysia).

However, when entering the epidemic area, a bandana cannot replace a medical mask because the ability to stop splashes and viruses is lower than that of a specialized mask. However, compared to homemade face masks from old T-shirts, pillowcases, and tube cloths made from technical cloth are more functional and bring more comfort to runners.

Tuệ Khương (Theo Podiumrunner)

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