Tips for taking care of a child with diaper rash, rash

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Infant skin is many times thinner than adults. The skin structure is also much looser, so it is easy to have skin problems such as rash, diaper rash, rashes ... These skin diseases often last for a long time, easy to recur, making many mothers tired. tired looking for care and handling.

According to experts, children with diaper rash and rash should be clean every day, wear cool clothes; Choose diapers that are absorbent, spill resistant and do not rub or scratch the itchy rashes. Besides, mothers can use folk remedies (bathing green tea leaves, bitter melon, star fruit leaves) or use cream to apply to the damaged skin.

In the market since 2015, Baby Cream has become the companion of many Vietnamese mothers in the journey of caring for and protecting the skin of their children. With the continuous efforts to research and perfect the product, in September 2020, New Baby Cream - the premium version of Baby Cream, was born with many advantages and improvements.

New Baby Cream is fortified with cheeks extract and avocado oil.

New Baby Cream is fortified with cheeks extract and avocado oil.

New Baby Cream is extracted from 4 benign herbs

New Baby Cream is added with 2 new ingredients to create a quartet of herbal care for baby's skin: white turmeric (Nano THC), Roman chamomile extract, cheeks extract and avocado oil. The product helps to cool the skin, quickly ease the symptoms of redness, redness, itching caused by rashes, ringworm, insect bites ... and stimulate the regeneration of new skin cells to help restore damage and prevent bruising.. In addition, New Baby Cream also provides nutrients to help moisturize, soften baby's skin always soft and smooth.

Kem Em Bé New dùng cho cho trẻ sơ sinh và trẻ nhỏ.

New Baby Cream for babies and children.

According to CVI Cosmetic Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company - Baby Cream manufacturer, New Baby Cream has ingredients from natural herbs, does not contain corticosteroids and parabens, so it does not cause side effects, does not cause skin irritation. for young children, including infants.

Ms. Bao Linh (Hanoi) shared that her baby was born in winter, so the baby's cleaning was quite difficult. Just over a month ago, the baby had a red diaper rash. Once online, I accidentally found a mother introducing New Baby Cream effective, herbal ingredients should be bought and tried. "Stealing, after only 3 days of persistent use, I will completely run out of diaper rash. Now, my family always has a few tubes of New Baby Cream because besides diaper rash, this cream is smeared, mosquito bites are also very effective"Ms. Linh said.

The product is sold in pharmacies nationwide. For more information or need further advice on how to take care of your baby's skin, you can contact the call center 1800.8179 (toll free) or visit the website

Responsible for the product, CVI Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company, Lot CN1-08B-3 High-tech Industrial Park 1 - Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park, Km 29 Thang Long Avenue, Thach Hoa Commune, Thach That District, Hanoi.

(Nguồn: Công ty CP Dược Mỹ phẩm CVI)

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