The reason we need enough sleep

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We sleep every day as a habit and willingly sacrifice sleep for other priorities in this busy life. However, scientific analysis has proven that the importance of sleep to human health is greater than diet or exercise.

Lack of sleep is more dangerous than you might think

For a long time, sleep has been considered an essential part of everyday life when it occupies about 1/3 of the time of each person's life.

However, modern life makes us have to deal with a lot of things, from housework, office work to other unnamed things. Sadly, we are willing to trade and sacrifice our sleep to get all of these things done. Statistics show that more than half of the world's population (65%) does not get enough sleep. A survey from the Good Sleep Association in America recently revealed that women have more sleep problems than men.

In his book "Why we sleep", Matthew Walker, professor of Ph.D. teaching Neuroscience and Psychology at the University of California, Berkeley points out the dangerous effects of lack of sleep:

Regularly sleeping less than 6-7 hours per night destroys your immunity, doubling your risk of cancer. Insufficient sleep is an important determinant of whether or not you have Alzheimer's disease. Lack of sleep - even a moderate reduction in sleep over a week - will cause blood sugar changes so severely that you could be listed as having prediabetes. Napping increases the ability of coronary artery clogging and brittleness, taking you on a path to heart disease, stroke and congestive heart failure. Further sleep disruption contributes to all serious psychosis, including depression, anxiety, and suicide. Lack of sleep increases the risk of obesity in children and adults. The main reason is that too little sleep increases the levels of hormones, making you feel hungry all the time. Even when you're full, they still make you feel cravings.

That said, it is our bodies that say that sleep is not an option, it is a must. Sleep every day like eating, drinking water or breathing. You can't hold your breath for too long, sleep too, you can't "quit sleeping". In other words, we will be hungry if we don't eat and die if we don't sleep.

Get enough sleep to help your body be healthy and spiritually refreshed. Ảnh: XIN TÊN NGUỒN ẢNH

Get enough sleep to help your body be healthy and spiritually refreshed. Ảnh: Shutterstock.

World Sleep Day 2021: Regular sleep, healthy future

As an annual activity Starting in 2008 organized by the World Sleep Day Committee of the World Sleep Association, World Sleep Day celebrates and spreads positive messages about the benefits of sleep. to life.

In 2021, this event falls on March 19 with the theme "Regular Sleep, Healthy Future" with the aim of calling people interested in building resting habits. quality with a scientific schedule that repeats every day, for the best results, both physically and mentally.

A good night's sleep depends a lot on the space around it. Ảnh: XIN TÊN NGUỒN ẢNH

A good night's sleep depends a lot on the space around it. Ảnh: Liên Á.

Responding to that spirit, Lien A mattress brand has organized an online photo contest "Sleep well, Have fun", encouraging the habit of taking care of the resting space through innovative designs. The total prize value is up to 80 million VND. The contest award ceremony will be held in the online form on Lien A fanpage at 8:00 p.m., Friday, March 19, 2021.

Diep Chi

Lý do chúng ta cần ngủ đủ - 4

Lien Asia also hosts a meeting of successful young people, representing a busy generation about the importance of sleep to our mental health and our everyday lives. The program has the participation of editor, MC Dieu Minh and two guests: Ms. To Hong Van (Mother Duck) and writer and businessman Ha Thanh Phuc, promising to bring interesting sharing around the role. Sleep and resting space games are suitable for different groups. Follow and update information at Lien A fanpage.
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