The herbal hair balm, reduce tangles

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Hair loss, breakage, tangle ... are common in many ages. The reason is that shampoos contain chemicals, hormones, a lot of western medicine, a poor diet, iron deficiency, abuse of dyes and improper care ...

To nourish healthy hair, black hair, limit tangles, thousands of years ago, kings and concubines often used precious herbs from the natural such as holophone, basil, locust, grapefruit peel, betel nut... Each kind of medicinal material has different uses.


Since ancient times, people often spread the tradition of saying: "Want to make skin red and green. Invite each other to go to the mountains to look for the knotweed", in order to praise the use of this plant with skin and hair. Accordingly, medicinal herbs help smooth green hair, limit hair loss and can combat gray hair early.


The root of the tuberous root is large and dark red in color. Ảnh: HMS.

For precious herbs promote beautiful beauty effects. You need to prepare 1 kg of knotweed, 100 grams of black beans and 2 liters of water. Put the mixture into a boil, dry the water, then take the knotweed to dry, use the remaining amount of water to soak in dried herbs thoroughly. Continue to use 100 grams of black beans with 2 liters of white water with the dried mackerel umbrella cooked, impregnated, dried. Repeat this operation 9 times, allow to dry, then grind into flour to eat. Use 2 times a day, 10 grams each. Use hair steadily quickly dark blue, reduce silver.

Huong Nhu

Huong Nhu có thể trị chứng sốt nóng, cảm nắng hay sợ rét. According to studies, basil leaves have the ability to stimulate the sweat gland activity, toxins released from the body. These toxins often cause hair loss, because when in the body, they will exist as free radicals, destroying follicle cell membranes and causing aging.

The scalp will be well ventilated when the sweat gland works effectively, leading to scalp and dirt on the scalp. Bacteria from outside cannot penetrate, thereby reducing the risk of hair loss.

Basil also has the effect of blood circulation on the scalp, helping to keep the spirit of the mind calm, the hormones stable, limiting hair loss and stimulating regrowth.


In the main component is saponin - a mixture containing foaming agents, has anti-inflammatory, cleansing effect. This herb also contains flavonozit - the active ingredient in hair loss and dandruff treatment.

People with scalp or hair disorders should stay away from shampoo containing chemical composition, and "make friends" with locust for healthy hair, fight fungus and dandruff.


Locust water is quite familiar to many Vietnamese people.

Grapefruit peel

Grapefruit peel chứa nhiều tinh dầu nhất trong trái bưởi, có khả năng kích thích tóc mọc, nuôi dưỡng từng nang tóc, óng đẹp và chắc khỏe tự nhiên.

To have long, sleek hair, mothers and mothers often cut grapefruit peel into small pieces, boil with water, let cool and wash hair. You can also boil grapefruit peel with herbs such as basil, lemongrass, grapefruit flowers ... to increase the ability to clean and create a natural aroma.

In addition to cleansing hair, grapefruit peel shampoo feels relaxed and relieves stress thanks to a pleasant aroma ...

Hair care with natural herbs

Giving up chemical shampoos is the first step you should take to get hair loss, dryness, and frizz. The reason that chemical cleaners cause the scalp to lose its natural protective slime and silky smoothing agent, clogs hair follicles, leading to breakage.

Giải pháp dưỡng tóc chắc khỏe, đẩy lùi xơ rối  - 2

Batinh and Thanh Xuan care products are benign, effective for hair and scalp after one to two weeks of use.

Busy life, women hardly take care of their hair by searching for herbs and cooking. In order to help women save time and money, Truhaco Trading Co., Ltd. has researched and launched a trio of hair care products: Batinh pills, Thanh Xuan herbal shampoos, Thanh Xuan hair essential oil.

The product combines mackerel, basil, mulberry grass, mulberry leaves, iridescent grass, locust, grapefruit essential oil ... and some esoteric herbs according to the formula of Phung Thi Tinh Herbalist. The trio of products help cleanse the scalp, unclog pores, stimulate hair follicles to grow, reduce tangles, breakage and provide additional nutrients to accelerate the hair restoration process.

Van Phat

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