The dancer of the song 'Jealous Co Vy' has a disc herniation

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When he hurts a lot, he has to perform muscle stretches to be able to function normally.

"Dancers typically have to practice and exercise with a lot of intensity, these pains significantly affect daily life and work", Quang Dang shared.

In May 2018, Quang Dang went to a chiropractic clinic in Ho Chi Minh City for an examination. Bác sĩ Paul D’Alfonso, giám đốc phòng khám, chẩn đoán bệnh nhân bị thoát vị đĩa đệm cột sống L5, viêm gân và rách cơ quay khớp vai. Fortunately, the disease has not yet entered a serious stage, it is still recoverable with conservative treatments.

Theo bác sĩ Paul D’Alfonso, nghề vũ công đòi hỏi luyện tập và vận động cơ thể rất nhiều, dễ chấn thương. The majority of patients do not have time to rest and with appropriate treatment, leading to more serious disease progression.

"For Quang Dang, the muscles around the injured area are very tight. This is part of the reason the patient feels a lot of pain," said Dr. Paul.

Dang's L5 disc has a slight bulge and the surrounding muscles are tight, bringing a lot of pressure on the entire back area. The shoulder and neck love tar5ng similarly.

When the intervention reduces muscle stiffness, stimulates the body's self-healing mechanism, pain symptoms will decrease. Doctors treat Quang Dang by manipulating the spine to relieve pressure, combining massage and physical therapy. Patients themselves must change a number of habits, living regimes and exercises to keep the spine healthy for a long time.

Bác sĩ Paul D’Alfonso điều trị cho Quang Đăng. Photo: Jenny Tran.

Bác sĩ Paul D’Alfonso điều trị cho Quang Đăng. Ảnh: Jenny Tran.

After about two months of treatment with a schedule of 2-3 days per week, Quang Dang's condition improved significantly. He reduces pain, moves more freely, does not feel tired when waking up. He is following the doctor's treatment regimen, maintaining one visit to the clinic every month, adjusting his living regimen, exercising to quickly recover completely.

Dr. Paul recommends that people change their living and exercise habits to keep a healthy spine for a long time. When doing housework, avoid holding a position for too long. Do not bend, turn suddenly to pick up things, clean the house, or carry heavy objects. Try to use large muscle groups like thigh muscles instead of back muscles to relieve back pain.

Avoid looking at the phone for too long. Office staff should arrange a suitable work area. Place the computer screen at eye level. If using a laptop should be equipped with a separate keyboard to reduce the pressure on the hand. Absolute restriction lies working.

Pay attention to diet with adequate nutrients, limit inflammatory foods such as fast foods, alcohol, red meat, foods with lots of sugar ... Add functional foods good for bones and joints like glucosamine. Take 10 to 15 minutes of stretching exercises every day.

Quang Dang confided that when he was sick, he could appreciate health more, and realize the importance of the spine. At first, he was very sad, desperate because he thought it would be difficult to dance well.

"When I have pain in my spine, I almost just want to lie down, be restricted from all activities. Especially with the dancer profession, severe spinal injury almost means giving up my passion", Quang Dang said. He said he will try hard not to let the worst happen, because dancing is his life.

Tháng 2/2020, điệu nhảy rửa tay do Quang Đăng biên đạo trên nền nhạc Ghen Cô Vy (Erik, Min hát, Khắc Hưng sáng tác) gây sốt toàn cầu. He variations the dance from the Health Department's six standard hand-washing steps, the movements simple for everyone to listen to, sing and dance to. In early December, he received the "Best Choreography" award from MAMA 2020.

Quang Dang was born in 1989, used to be a member of the Jump Jump group. In 2012, he won the runner-up of the Challenge with Dancing Contest. He collaborates with many singers in products. The dancer also tried his hand at acting and opened a dance center. The dance group he founded - LifeDance - had competed in Asia's Got Talent.

The song `` Jealousy Co Vy '' with a hand-washing dance performed by Quang Dang was praised on American television, early 2020.

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