Sudden end of pregnancy morning sickness are dangerous?

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Morning sickness in the first trimester of pregnancy is a very common manifestation in pregnant women. Among them, the most prominent are the symptoms of nausea and vomiting. This process often makes the mother tired and not eat much, but it is also a phenomenon that helps pregnant women monitor the status of pregnancy and fetal health.

Usually, most pregnant women will feel less morning sickness at 16 weeks of pregnancy, a few will experience long morning sickness during pregnancy.

Nếu đột ngột hết nghén, không loại trừ khả năng thai nhi đã ngừng phát triển, từ đó lượng Beta HCG tự động suy giảm và làm mẹ hết nghén. The cause can be due to medical problems, the mother's age or abnormalities in the fetus.

When signs of morning sickness such as nausea, vomiting, fatigue, drowsiness, decrease or stop suddenly, pregnant women need to go to the hospital to examine the cause of morning sickness and promptly handle them, to avoid complications affecting health. healthy both mother and child. Some pregnant women have vaginal bleeding accompanied by cramping pain in the lower abdomen or throbbing pain in each bout ... is a dangerous condition.

After the examination, the doctor will have appropriate treatment to ensure the safety of the pregnant mother as well as the fetus. In case the pregnancy no longer develops, the doctor will also have timely counseling to ensure the mother's reproductive health in the next pregnancy. If the pregnancy is still developing, the mother stops the pregnancy, it is a good sign, reducing fatigue during pregnancy.

Master, Doctor Dong Thu Trang
Hanoi maternity hospital

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