Students must make a medical report before the high school graduation exam

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The high school graduation exam takes place on August 9-10. At an online meeting with the Ministry of Education and Training on August 7, Deputy Minister of Health Do Xuan Tuyen said the current epidemic situation, the health and education sector must give very detailed instructions to ensure that the exam well and do well in epidemic prevention.

The student

The student, phụ huynh chủ động khai báo y tế, theo dõi tình hình sức khỏe trước khi đến địa điểm thi. If there are symptoms of fever, cough, or shortness of breath, immediately notify the Examination Committee, the school, and the homeroom teacher for resolution.

The student trước khi vào phòng thi phải được đo nhiệt độ.

Exam locations

The Ministry of Health requires test sites to prepare temporary medical isolation rooms with full equipment to prevent epidemics such as masks, hand sanitizer. Check environmental sanitation, disinfection around the school, toilets, disinfection of exam rooms.

Exam locations bố trí kíp trực y tế, trang thiết bị, thuốc, hóa chất để kịp thời theo dõi và sơ cấp cứu và xử lý các trường hợp sốt, ho, khó thở. Even when there is no translation, test scores must have a medical office and mobilize medical staff to be on duty, in case students have fever and health problems during the exam.

The exam rooms do not turn on air conditioning, open windows, and only turn on fans. If this requirement raises questions about exam security, the test score organizers must coordinate with the police, select the security amount, protect the population ... to support exam safety.

In the event of a test for students in close contact with the case (F1), the Ministry of Health requires all participants in the test to wear protective clothing as prescribed and take preventive measures. cross contamination.

Thuy Quynh

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