Should drink perilla juice before vaccination?

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In traditional medicine, perilla is a medicine that can stimulate sweating. Water and alcohol extracted from perilla leaves have the effect of dilating the skin vessels, helping the patient to reduce fever, eliminate colds. Perilla seeds are made into tea and medicine to reduce gas, cuttings to make pregnancy medicine.

However, the mother's drinking perilla juice to prevent her baby from having a fever has not had any research or scientific evidence. Hence the mother should not use it for this purpose.

A mild fever, pain and swelling after a vaccination is very common. It is the response after the body takes the vaccine as a foreign agent and reacts.

Because of the pain, the baby will be fussy and may stop feeding and eat poorly. However, if this situation only lasts 1-2 days, parents should not be too worried.

Therefore, instead of looking for tips to help children not have fever after vaccination, parents need to update their knowledge about common reactions of some vaccines and how to reduce pain and fever after vaccination. Effective and safe. Specifically:

- Let your child wear cool clothes.

- Maintain daily nutrition, breastfeed and drink more water. Common fever-reducing medicines (paracetamol, ibuprofen) can be used with appropriate body weight when the fever is higher than 38.5 degrees C, fussy.

- If the injection site is red and swollen, cold compresses can be used to reduce pain and swelling in the child.

- When holding your baby, avoid touching the injection site. Do not apply oil, apply hot compresses, squeeze lemons, apply potatoes, or apply anything to the injection site as this can infect the injection site.

- Do not use aspirin, do not use other cough and fever reducers because it can increase the dose of paracetamol in children.

- In the case of a child having a severe reaction after injection, such as a fever above 39 degrees C with convulsions, cyanosis, difficulty breathing ..., it is necessary to quickly bring the baby to the nearest medical facility for prompt treatment. However, the proportion of severe reactions following the injection is very rare.

Master - Doctor Tran Thu Nga
Medical Examination Department, University Hospital of Medicine and Pharmacy, Ho Chi Minh City

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