Scoliosis is a common childhood disease

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Three major groups of causes of scoliosis in children, according to assistant professor Son:

- The first group of causes: Spontaneous, without a clear cause, usually appears when the child begins to enter puberty.

- The second group of causes: Children suffer from birth defects of the spine such as hemisphere, stick vertebrae ... causing scoliosis.

- Group of third causes: Incorrect sitting posture, carrying too heavy, or the size of desks and chairs is not suitable for the age, rickets, malnutrition, accidental injuries ...

Likewise, hunchback of the spine is also common in teenagers. Scoliosis disease can be spontaneous, ankylosing spondylitis or also when children learn from wrong positions, causing hunchback of the spine.

If not treated in time, especially with early onset of scoliosis (before age 10), in the long run, it will cause severe spinal deformity and seriously affect the development of other organs. such as lung, chest, causing thoracic and alveolar dysplasia, respiratory failure, threatening health and life. Lighter, the disease affects aesthetics, making the patient inferior, affecting the development of psychology and physiology.

"Early detection of hunchback, prompt treatment has important implications, contributing to preventing and minimizing the above serious complications", Dr. Son recommended.

Dr. Son examined the child's spine. Photo: Thao My.

Dr. Son examined the child's spine. Ảnh: Thảo My.

However, the challenge is that scoliosis surgery in young children is extremely difficult due to the child's physiological anatomy that the spine is still developing.

Viet Duc Friendship Hospital is applying the latest technology in the treatment of scoliosis in children, using growth braces. This technique applies to very young children with early onset (3-10 years old) to control the child's curvature but still helps the spine develop and regulate and improve system function. other organs such as chest, lung, digestive system.

If detected early, sometimes children just need conservative treatment such as changing sitting position, actively practicing movement, swinging, actively playing sports, wearing orthopedic braces ...

Timely treatment will help children prevent the scoliosis from getting worse, avoid unnecessary surgery and change the child's overall quality of life.

In order to help people know how to early detect and treat scoliosis disease, Viet Duc Hospital will organize a free examination on August 22 at the hospital. Register to check up through the call center 19001902.

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