Relieve fatigue and stress with foot bath therapy

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According to Dr. Do Nam Khanh, a health expert of the Vietnam Association for Public Health Education, foot bath is a measure of care and recovery, and at the same time helping to treat a number of diseases through water use. hot or medicinal water. When combined with foot baths with some herbs, these drugs will work on the body through acupuncture points and meridians, thereby recovering health without taking any medicine.

According to Dr. Khanh, the simplest foot bath is done with fresh ginger, salt, seeds, hot water. Everyone washed a ginger root, peeled and crushed, put in a foot bath with 2-3 tablespoons of salt and mixed with hot and cold water in the appropriate ratio so that the water temperature is 40-43 degrees C and soaking water ankle-deep. Then, people wash their feet and let them soak, add hot water to the basin every 5 minutes, ensure the foot bath temperature is always 40-43 degrees C. Soak for about 20-30 minutes, so stop soaking. Again when you see a sweat on your back, take a clean, dry towel and dry your feet, especially between your toes and put on slippers to prevent cold from the floor.

Doctor Khanh noted that foot bath is a simple, easy to perform and very effective health care and rehabilitation therapy. This measure requires people to persevere, to do it regularly to bring sustainable results.

The doctor also noted that the maximum foot bath time is only about 30 minutes. People in weak condition, young children, soak time should not exceed 30 minutes, except for the consultation of a physician. People with cold feet, middle, elderly or postpartum women who do not abstain from water that makes their feet cold, numb, should use herbal mineral salts to increase the effectiveness of treatment by soaking..

Foot soak with grain salt and ginger. Photo: benhviemkhoponline.

Foot soak with grain salt and ginger. Ảnh: benhviemkhoponline.

People with hypertension, people with varicose legs should only soak in warm water no more than 39 degrees C, do not give ginger and salt. People with hypertension must monitor blood pressure daily, stop foot baths when blood pressure tends to increase and consult a doctor. People with diabetes need to consult their doctor carefully for proper foot care.

The water temperature is only 40-43 degrees Celsius, do not soak too hot above the above temperature to avoid burns. Should use the thermometer to accurately measure the water temperature, should not rely on the hot and cold feeling of the foot to judge. Pots used for foot baths should be of standard wood or plastic. Specialized foot baths can be used for added convenience and efficiency. It is advisable to dry sweat after a foot bath, do not shower and bathe before soaking and never walk barefoot on the floor after soaking.

Do not soak your feet for an hour after eating as more blood rushes to the small intestine to transport nutrients. If you soak your feet after eating, more blood drops to your feet, affecting the digestion and absorption of nutrients.

When taking a foot bath, everyone needs to listen and monitor the body's response. If you see symptoms of chest tightness, shortness of breath, and dizziness, stop soaking immediately and consult a physician.


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