Properly wash your baby's nose

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Doctor Nguyen Thanh Sang, Ho Chi Minh City Children's Hospital, said that using nasal suction helps the baby to suck or sleep more comfortably, but if done incorrectly, the baby has the risk of choking and having complications.

"In particular, newborn babies can be startled by the nasal lavage action, so they can easily choke salt water, leading to cyanosis, apnea, lack of oxygen to the brain. If not properly emergency, the baby can be brain dead. after 4 minutes of lack of oxygen ", Dr. Sang emphasized.

On January 12, a 2.5-month-old boy in Bac Giang stopped breathing due to choking, when family members used a syringe to pump physiological saline to wash the baby's nose. Fortunately, family members have timely CPR for the baby before going to the emergency room.

According to Dr. Sang, before washing the nose, the family members lay the baby on his back, slightly tilt his head back, a small pillow could be used to cover the back of the neck. Then, add 2-3 drops of saline solution or spray 1-2 times (if spray) into one nostril. Wait 30-40 seconds, then tilt your baby to the right, let the runny nose or use a nasal suction device and salt water. Next, wipe off the runny nose with a tissue from the nose and mouth.

Parents can make their own physiological saline to clean the child, but should only store for 1-2 days after that a new salt water change.

The recipe for making brine is as follows: Boil 200 ml of clean water, add 1/4 teaspoon of salt and stir, cool to room temperature, then put in a clean jar or spray bottle.

"Wash the baby's nose only 3-4 times a day, should not abuse because it can dry and scratch the child's nasal mucosa", Dr. Sang recommends.

When a child has a runny nose, a doctor diagnosed rhinopharyngitis caused by virus or common cold, in the first 2-3 days there will be a lot of runny nose and clear white. After that, the runny nose will thicken and may turn green.

"This is not a sign of worse illness, parents should not be too worried. Should monitor the baby's health, the condition worsens when the fever gets higher, sleepiness, breathing fatigue or other abnormalities," said Dr. Sang. shall.

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