Osteoporosis is dangerous like a stroke

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According to Associate Professor, Doctor, Doctor Le Anh Thu, President of Ho Chi Minh City Osteoporosis Association, osteoporosis is a metabolic disorder of the skeleton, damaging the strength of bones. The mineral density in the bone decreases, becoming brittle, porous, easily leading to fractures. The disease progresses for a long time, mainly in elderly people, women have more diseases than men.

Fractures are the most severe event of osteoporosis. The consequences are similar to myocardial infarction in patients with ischemic heart disease and stroke in hypertension. These three diseases are the leading cause of death, disability, reduced quality of life, and increased social burden in the elderly.

Doctor Thu examines patients at risk of osteoporosis. Photo Anh Thu

Doctor Thu examines patients at risk of osteoporosis. Ảnh Anh Thư

Severe fractures are linked to death risk. "Nearly 25% of hip fractures die in the first year, 20% need long-term care and 30% cannot return to normal activities," said Dr. Thu.

Along with that, vertebral fractures account for 70% of fractures caused by osteoporosis, often without clear symptoms, so it is difficult to detect and treat them promptly. Patients are susceptible to hunchback, weakness, loss of work capacity, disability.

Dr. Thu also informed that an estimated 3.5 million Vietnamese people have osteoporosis. This non-communicable disease has become a silent epidemic but is of little interest to the community. "Until bone fractures, lack of bone, bone loss, serious health deterioration due to osteoporosis, patients come to the doctor for examination. At that time, the cure is very difficult, heavy and expensive.", psychiatrist.

Nguyên nhân loãng xương có thể do cơ thể đã lão hóa, do bệnh lý khác, hút thuốc, uống rượu bia, hoặc bởi sử dụng nhiều loại thuốc. Especially when treating long-term anti-inflammatory drugs Glucoccorticoid for rheumatoid arthritis, bronchial asthma, gout ... In particular, osteoporosis due to calcium deficiency in the bone is the main cause.

When blood calcium ions are used up, the body automatically mobilizes calcium from the bones, replenishing the deficiency. Over time, the skeleton weakens, the risk of broken bones and bone loss increases.

The disease is completely preventable, Dr. Thu said. Most important is calcium supplementation, an essential mineral that forms, develops and maintains the strength of the skeleton. The body cannot synthesize calcium itself, and must provide it through diet and food.

However, a worrying fact is that the diet of Vietnamese people currently only provides up to 50% of the calcium needed for the body. That is, only 500mg / 1000mg of calcium is ingested through food. From 1990 to present, this number has increased but not significantly.

The doctor recommends that, for the best calcium supplementation, people of all ages should increase their intake of dark green fruits and vegetables such as cauliflower and mustard greens. Strengthen shrimp, crab, snails, fish in each meal, small fish can stock soft, eat the bones. Milk and dairy products, including cheese, butter, and yogurt, also provide calcium.

Using pharmaceutical calcium is also an effective, simple and safe way to replenish the missing minerals, help strengthen bones. Note that pharmaceutical calcium supplements should not exceed 500 mg a day, taken after meals, drink plenty of water and with vitamin D to help decompose and absorb maximum.

"People should proactively prevent osteoporosis early by supplementing with calcium and have regular checkups. The sooner they prevent it, the healthier their aging will be," Dr. Thu advised.

Thu Anh

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