Metabolic disorder paralleling stroke

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Having a meal with his family, an 85-year-old man in Cau Giay, Hanoi, suddenly shivered and dropped his chopsticks. His legs were shaking, and he fell, unable to walk. Family members carried him to the car and took him to the Friendship Hospital for emergency.

Dr. Mai Duc Thao, Head of the Department of Neurology, said the patient was hospitalized on December 8, had a stroke, on the background of diabetes for nearly 30 years. Diabetes is a risk factor for stroke. Thanks to his family members rushed to the hospital, he was able to walk and handle as usual after a week of treatment. Currently his health is recovered, is discharged.

The 85-year-old man in Dong Da was hospitalized on December 15 with a lisp, paralysis, half of his face and left arm, a history of hypertension. Doctors diagnosed him with stroke, high blood pressure, dyslipidemia, and magnetic resonance imaging showed that he had an infarction in the brain stem. If not treated in time, the old man can stop circulation, dangerously his life. After half a month of treatment, the old man sat up, could eat, drink and talk normally.

The two patients above both had metabolic disorders causing high blood pressure or diabetes before having stroke. According to Dr. Thao, this condition is common: "Almost all elderly patients have metabolic disorders. It can be said that metabolic disorders go hand in hand with stroke".

Doctor Thao examined patients with stroke. Photo: Chile.

Doctor Thao examined patients with stroke. Ảnh: Chile.

Dr. Thao said metabolic disorders easily cause high blood pressure. "Hypertension is a major cause of brain bleeding stroke," said the doctor. Increased blood sugar, increased uric acid, increased blood fat causes blood concentration, atherosclerosis increases the risk of stroke.

Treatment for stroke and metabolic disorder is very difficult. The doctor moderately treats stroke, moderately corrects fat, blood sugar or uric acid disorders. Using many drugs at the same time easily causes drug interactions, may cause increased side effects, slow the effectiveness of treatment, slow recovery of hospitalization time.

According to Dr. Thao, the root cause of the disease is eating and living habits, including using too much alcohol or a diet with excess sugar, high fat, nutritional imbalance, and reduced mobility. In the elderly, impaired bodily functions, metabolic disorders are likely to occur.

Therefore, the doctor recommends that the elderly need to adhere to the daily diet and exercise and take the right and enough medicine. When the body has any abnormal signs, the patient should go to the hospital to check immediately. In addition, the elderly should have regular checkups to see if metabolic disorders such as diabetes, blood fat are controlled, drugs work or not, have side effects or not, limit the risk. Disease complications lead to stroke.


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