Japan cooperates in cancer research with Southeast Asia

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The project is called Atlas, with the participation of Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines. The goal is to develop targeted treatments for rare cancers, giving patients outside of Japan an opportunity to access advanced therapies.

Genetic cancer research uses technologies such as genetic sequencing and identifying DNA changes to help doctors come up with specific treatment regimens for each patient.

The Southeast Asia region lacks the health systems needed to tackle the growing number of cancer patients, the NCCJ says - a consequence of population growth and economic development.

By sharing data and expanding clinical trials to patients in other countries, the project aims to accelerate the development of many drugs in the future. Japan will also share expertise through research and training programs.

Japanese specialist researching cancer treatments. Photo: Rakuten Medical

Japanese specialist researching cancer treatments. Ảnh: Rakuten Medical

The project includes research on cervical cancer treatments and gene research of solid tumors. The Center is also looking at creating a database for rare cancer patients. They make up only a small fraction of the more than 100,000 cases diagnosed annually.

Kenichi Nakamura, head of research management at the center's hospital, said: "We want to create a framework for advancing cancer drugs in Asia, keeping pace with progress. sets of Europe and America ".

Thục Linh (Theo Japan Today)

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