How to prevent stroke early

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In Vietnam, about 200,000 people have a stroke each year. The disease can occur at any age. In recent years, the rate of stroke among young people has shown an increasing trend. Physical sedentary lifestyle, obesity, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, and prolonged stress ... are the causes that contribute to younger and younger stroke.

Many young people are often diagnosed late, causing the patient to lose "golden opportunity" to recover and leave consequences for health. The danger of the disease is often unexpected, so it is necessary to take the necessary precautions. Here are suggestions of ways to prevent stroke.

Control risk factors

Regular health check is one of the essential jobs. People should regularly check for risk factors, control blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol ...

Early detection and treatment of high-risk diseases leading to stroke such as cholesterol, diabetes mellitus, dyslipidemia, and cardiovascular diseases. Since these symptoms are often so vague, the patient still feels well, while the illness can progress silently.

Risk factor control measures should be implemented periodically, especially for those who have had a stroke because it is a disease with a high recurrence rate.

Monitoring of health indicators should be done on a regular basis to prevent stroke. Photo: Shutterstock.

Monitoring of health indicators should be done on a regular basis to prevent stroke. Ảnh: Shutterstock.

Follow a healthy lifestyle

Nutrition should focus on foods rich in vitamins and minerals, and limit eating too much fat. Follow a reasonable salt and potassium diet because salty foods contribute to high blood pressure. You can get more potassium by eating more fresh fruits and vegetables.

Build healthy living habits such as weight control and obesity reduction. Moderate exercise such as a regular 30-minute walk every day. Biking or swimming at least every 30 minutes a day, five days a week can also be beneficial. Adults should maintain about seven hours of sleep a day, should sleep early and wake up early.

Take medication as directed by your doctor

Subjects with underlying medical conditions, high risk of stroke, need to comply with the prescription of their doctor, not arbitrarily take aspirin or take the wrong dose. People who have had a stroke and are recoverable have been prescribed preventive medications by their doctor. Taking drugs as directed can help prevent a high recurrence of the disease.

Modern medicine is increasingly researching about functional foods that support the maintenance of cardiovascular health, stabilize blood pressure, and reduce blood fat - the most noticeable groups of patients with stroke. You can consult your doctor to choose the right product.

One of the dietary supplements chosen by many people such as Krill 56 shrimp oil originated from Korea. A representative of the distributor of Pulses Vietnam said that Krill 56 contains krill oil extracted from the antarctic mollusc shrimp, which helps to reduce cholesterol, contributes to the maintenance of heart health and support for brain. Lợi thế của dầu nhuyễn thể là khả năng hấp thu, phù hợp cho những người muốn cải thiện về cholesterol, tim mạch, hoạt động brain.

Krill 56 chứa dầu nhuyễn thể (krill oil) hỗ trợ giảm cholesterol, góp phần duy trì sức khỏe tim mạch và hỗ trợ cho brain.

Krill 56 chứa dầu nhuyễn thể (krill oil) hỗ trợ giảm cholesterol, góp phần duy trì sức khỏe tim mạch và hỗ trợ cho brain.

You should pay attention to functional foods with additional features, contribute to the prevention of stroke, not to replace medicines. Patients need to understand the features of the product.

Ngoc An

Cách phòng ngừa đột quỵ từ sớm - 4

One 1,000 mg Krill 56 soft capsule is beneficial for those who eat a lot of animal meat, oily foods, and fried foods. This supplement is also one of the suggestions for sedentary people, smoking, drinking alcohol or experiencing stress from work.

The product is Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) certified for safety by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Pulses Vietnam Co., Ltd. - a representative of the distributor, said that Krill 56 is one of the best-selling products on Korea's Home shopping channel, currently available at distribution stores and e-commerce sites in Vietnam. Men like Lazada, Shopee, Tiki.

Krill 56 is for adults. This product is not a medicine, it has no effect to replace medicine. Read the directions carefully before use. Advertising License No. 515/2021 / XNQC-ATTP issued by the Department of Food Safety - Ministry of Health on March 4, 2021. See more at website and fanpage. Hotline: 028.627.052.68.

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