How to eat to lose belly fat?

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Vietnamese people often have less habit of controlling weight. Keeping your ideal weight with a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle is the most scientific way to keep your body healthy and limit your risk of chronic diseases.

Here you do not specify your height, weight, degree of occupational work (eg office worker or outdoor heavy worker) as well as your exact waist, so it is not possible to calculate the exact number of calories. amount of food to be consumed by the body.

For positive change, however, you should incorporate a regular schedule of physical activity and a healthy diet.

For vegetables, the method of steaming and boiling should be preferred. Photo: Cong Khang

For vegetables, the method of steaming and boiling should be preferred. Ảnh: Công Khang

A healthy and scientific diet is a balance between food groups and does not eliminate any food groups, nor does it consume too much of one food group. The diet should adhere to the following principles:

- Ensure 3 main meals. Absolutely should not skip meals.

- A meal should include carbohydrates, proteins from meat, fish, eggs, seafood, beans, vegetables, fruits and skim or non-fat milk (or dairy products like yogurt, cheese)..

- Variety of fruits. Do not replace fresh fruit with juice.

- For vegetables, the method of boiling and steaming is preferred.

- For milk and dairy products such as yogurt, cheese ... you can choose fat-free, sugar-free.

- For protein, a combination of vegetable protein (from legumes and bean products) and animal protein (preferably chicken breasts, fish)

- Limit unnecessary energy-heavy street snacks such as milk tea and other sugary drinks, cakes, deep-fried skewers as well as fast foods like sausages, pizza, and chicken fry...

About the schedule: Should maintain regular physical activity schedule at least 30 minutes / day (150 minutes / week) with exercises suitable for the body.

For a big waist, you should focus on exercises to strengthen the muscles in the abdomen and eat early at dinner, limit eating a lot. If you have to work late at night, choose healthy foods such as fruit, dried seeds, yogurt ... for snacks.

Thạc sĩ dinh dưỡng Trương Nhật Khuê Tường
Department of Nutrition and Dietetics - Ho Chi Minh City University of Medicine and Pharmacy Hospital

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