How to bathe safely in the cold season

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Doctor Nguyen Dang Khiem, Head of Emergency Department, Friendship Hospital, advises not to bathe in an area that is too cold, not airtight, empty, respiratory resistance in the cold season decreases, risk of respiratory disease. Steaming increases.

The shower is too cold, the body cannot adapt to the rapidly changing temperature. Blood vessels cannot contract or expand in time during thermostats, causing a paroxysmal increase in blood pressure. As a result, bathers are at risk of brain stroke, heart failure or pneumonia, cramps. This risk is especially increased many times in people with background disease high blood pressure, heart failure, cerebrovascular malformation.

Woman taking a shower. Photo: Healthline.

Woman taking a shower. Ảnh: Healthline.

Night is the time when the body needs to rest, the whole body temperature is at the lowest level, it is easy to get sick, should not shower. Also, don't take a shower right after doing hard work.

Do not bathe for too long with hot water to avoid dry skin, heat loss. After showering, dry thoroughly, wear warm enough, keep hands and feet warm even in the house. Do not go out in the cold after showering.

People with chronic underlying diseases, the elderly, and children need to be careful with the time of day bathing. It is best to shower when it is warm, to avoid sudden changes in ambient temperature, from too warm to too cold places.


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