Handling edema, bruises due to traffic injuries

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According to the National Traffic Safety Committee, every Lunar New Year, the rate of traffic crashes across the country increases. The main reason is due to the travel and visiting needs of large people. In addition, some people abuse alcohol, leading to a loss of concentration when in traffic.

Associate Professor - Dr. Do Quang Hung, Cho Ray Hospital, said soft injuries (muscles, ligaments, tendons, skin and surrounding tissues ...) are very common injuries caused by traffic accidents.Labor accident, falls ... Injuries cause symptoms such as bruises, edema, swelling, pain ... Proper first aid for software injuries due to traffic collisions will limit complications. serious, quick to recover damage. On the contrary, the wrong treatment can make the wound worse, cause infection, affect the function of the joints, difficulty in treatment, movement, and living.

Handling edema, bruises after traffic crashes properly

According to Associate Professor - Dr. Do Quang Hung, when suffering from soft tissue injury, the cells are broken, the connective tissue is broken. At this time, the inflammatory response takes place to help isolate, process and regenerate the life in the affected area. But if the inflammatory reaction occurs too much, it will cause many changes to the body, the swelling, more edema, causing severe pain phenomenon. Therefore, the first aid as well as the treatment of the inflammatory response is very important, greatly influencing the recovery process from injury.


Each person needs a quick first aid when suffering from swelling, swelling, and bruising after a traffic collision. Ảnh: Long huyết P/H.

In milder cases, right after the injury, it is necessary to immobilize the wound, rest, stop movement to reduce tissue damage. Your doctor may use a cold pack to reduce pain and swelling, and keep the wound from spreading. The casualty should properly compress the injured body part with a pillow to reduce swelling. In about 1-3 days, if the condition does not improve, it is necessary to promptly go to the medical facility for prompt examination, diagnosis and treatment.

With the use of cold packs, it is important to avoid mistakes when choosing a hot or cold compress. For the first 3-5 days, when the wound is in the bleeding stage, you should apply cold compresses to constrict the blood vessels, isolate the injury and reduce swelling. After moving to the tissue regeneration phase, hot compresses are conducted to dilate the vessels, increase blood flow to restore the wound.

Natural herbs promote wound healing, anti-inflammatory, pain relief, swelling, and bruising

Inherited from Vietnamese martial arts' esoteric remedies, the experience of using has been handed down for more than a thousand years, used in special treatment of impact, sprains, bruises, injuries; Herbal medicine to treat bruising and trauma was born. Products to help treat soft injuries, traffic crashes.

The product is prepared from the hematoma medicine in the form of capsules, easy to drink, convenient to inhibit and dissolve hematoma; anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-oxidant; vasodilation, pain relief; stimulate blood circulation, increase epithelial regeneration, speed up young skin and heal wounds ...

Long huyết P/H có thành phần chính từ vị thuốc quý Huyết giác

Associate Professor and Doctor Nguyen Quang Hung, former head of the Department of Cosmetology at Cho Ray Hospital, said that proper first aid for softwares helps to limit complications. Ảnh: Nhân vật cung cấp.

Presented for more than 10 years on the market, this product has been licensed as a treatment drug, manufactured on a line that meets the standards of the World Health Organization GMP - WHO.

Le Nguyen


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