Habits that are at risk of a Covid-19 outbreak

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The new wave of Covid-19 is likely to break out from Da Nang and spread to other provinces. The Ministry of Health recommends that people are not subjective and need to reset previous habits to protect themselves and reduce the risk of infection in the community.

Measures include:

Limiting to crowded places, enclosed spaces crowded with people. Keep a distance, preferably at least 2m from others.

Always wear a mask when going out even when working. Replace or discard the mask after each use or when soiled or contaminated with water. Absolutely no reuse for disposable masks. With a cloth mask can be used repeatedly and washed after each use. Wash hands with soap and clean water immediately after discarding a mask.

Wash your hands with soap under running water or with an antiseptic solution especially after touching any item and after meeting, talking to others and returning home. Do not shake hands when meeting other people, do not bring your hands to eyes, nose or mouth.

Regular mouthwash with salt water or mouthwash; Keep your chest warm, drink warm water. Changing clothes when you go home and changing clothes should be soaked with soap.

Limiting the number of people visiting patients, maintaining a minimum distance between patients and their relatives. The hospital strengthened the examination according to the appointment time, limiting the concentration of crowded people at the Examination Department.

Eat well, eat cooked, drink ripe, exercise, fit, healthy activities. Regularly clean, ventilate the house, clean surfaces or contact.

WHO recommends ways to protect yourself from Covid-19.

At the workplace, the Ministry of Health recommends arranging a place to wash hands with clean water with soap or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer (at least 60% alcohol). Maintain cleanliness, regularly clean floors and disinfect surfaces that may contain viruses, such as door handles, elevator buttons, shared phones, computer keyboards, countertops, etc. common detergents like soap and other common disinfectant solutions. Make sure the room is well ventilated, enhance natural ventilation.

If you must be isolated, you must stay at home, limit meeting with people in the house, follow the isolation instructions of the health authorities.

If returning from an epidemic area, a medical report must be made to the nearest health facility or via the NCOVI or tokhaiyte.vn application and regular updates of health status. If there is a manifestation of fever, cough, sneezing, runny nose, please contact the health care provider for advice, guidance and necessary support measures.

If you are living or traveling in Da Nang, if you suspect nCoV infection or close contact with Covid-19 patients, immediately contact the nearest health authority for advice. Call 1900988975 to provide phone numbers for people who have had close contact with you. Perform quarantine at home. Declare online at https://tokhaiyte.vn/ or download the NCOVI application from https://ncovi.vn/ and regularly update your health status.

Thuy An

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