Four vaccines pregnant women need to inject

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Dr. Le Thi Thu Ha, Tu Du Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City, said that many pregnant women are suddenly pregnant and have not been vaccinated before becoming pregnant. However, there is no need to worry.

"Vaccines produced from inactivated ingredients (made from weakened microorganisms, lost the ability to cause disease), can be added during pregnancy has been proven effective, very safe for both mothers and fetus, "the doctor confirmed.

Four types of maternal vaccines should be supplemented during pregnancy:

Vaccine uốn ván rốn sơ sinh (VAT): 95% trẻ tử vong nếu bị uốn ván rốn sơ sinh. Therefore, doctors recommend that pregnant women should be vaccinated. For pregnant women, two injections are required. The first shot is injected as soon as possible. The second nose is repeated after about 30 days and at least 30 days before the due date for the body to create antibodies to transmit to the baby.

Vaccine bạch hầu, uốn ván, ho gà: Thai phụ chưa tiêm vaccine, chưa có kháng thể, hoặc thời gian tiêm đã 10 năm trở lên thì khi mang thai tiêm nhắc lại rất cần thiết.

According to Dr. Ha, in the US, health experts recommend this vaccine at 27 to 36 weeks gestation. Mothers choose to inject whooping cough separately. Because this disease is especially dangerous for children. Unfortunately if the mother is sick, the baby is born, it is easy to pass pertussis from the mother through the respiratory tract. Children do not have obvious pertussis manifestations as adults, so it is difficult to detect. The risk of death in children with pertussis is up to 95%.

Vaccine cúm: Bác sĩ đánh giá mũi tiêm này rất an toàn, giúp phòng tránh viêm phổi, cúm mùa - loại bệnh thường gặp ở phụ nữ mang thai. The flu vaccine should be repeated every year to ensure the best results.

Vaccine viêm gan siêu vi B: Việc tiêm ngừa virus viêm gan B với phụ nữ rất quan trọng, cả trước và trong mang thai. Especially mothers who do not have antibodies to hepatitis B need to be vaccinated to best protect their babies in the early months of life.

Usually, newborn babies will be vaccinated against hepatitis B according to the National Immunization Program. But Dr. Ha said that the child's body takes 4 to 6 weeks or even several months to create antibodies. During that time, antibodies are passed from mother to baby during pregnancy, plus antibodies in breast milk will protect the baby from illness.

In addition, the doctor advises, pregnant women who are in the pneumococcal epidemic area need more vaccination.

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