EfferGlow effervescent - the secret of the bright white skin of stars

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As a public figure, artists are always conscious of keeping their skin bright, smooth and healthy, although they often "run the show" all night long, get up early. The secret of beauty of the stars is much concerned by the fans, especially when the blackening agent in the summer sun always reaches a high level.


EfferGlow effervescence is indispensable for Dan Truong and Nam Cuong's breakfast.

Giải pháp sáng da, chống lão hóa hút sao Việt

CosmeHeal is a brand from Korea, which is considered the "beauty capital" of Asia. Its products attract many beauty believers, including effervescent tablets and anti-aging EfferGlow. Vietnamese star series including Dan Truong, Miss Huong Giang, Tieu Vy, Pham Huong, Ky Duyen, Nam Em, Luong Thuy Linh, singers Nam Cuong, Trung Quang, Si Thanh, Kha Ly ... said they felt it. Product effect after 2-3 weeks of trial.


Miss Ky Duyen and Tieu Vy prefer how to skin with effervescent tablets.

Miss Tieu Vy revealed that by using EfferGlow, she can be confident with light, smooth skin, turn on tones when going out, going out or working. And Nam Cuong is satisfied with the product because he helps to brighten the skin and sunscreen without having to "put on cosmetics" too much.

With Ky Duyen, keeping her skin smooth and bright white in the summer helps her facilitate the job. Beautiful people receive many messages from fans, thanks to beauty advice. On her personal page, she is not afraid to share her secret because she hopes that "everyone is beautiful and confident in life".

Pham Huong said that thanks to the sunscreen, she was in a comfortable and confident mood while sitting at the corner of a sunny garden at home in the US. "Thanks to the endogenous sun protection effect of EfferGlow's wholesale, I can feel secure when wearing bikini and taking photos in the sun when traveling to Phu Quoc," Miss Luong Thuy Linh said. Si Thanh revealed that the effervescent tablet was a "savior" for her when she received an outdoor shot, even though the show continued, her skin was still white.


Miss Luong Thuy Linh and Pham Huong.

Not only beautiful, but also healthy

In addition to helping fair skin, CoserHeal's EfferGlow also attracts many Vietnamese stars thanks to its antioxidant and anti-aging abilities. Nam Em removes crow's feet; Si Thanh, Trung Quang ... avoid harm when often staying up late, working stress ...

In addition, Dan Truong, Nam Cuong and Trung Quang also appreciate the convenience of effervescent tablets, which are convenient to carry, easy to drink, no need to spend time applying cream ... busy artists can easily Use effervescent tablets as needed.


Si Thanh, Huong Giang introduce fans how to beautify themselves.

In addition, Efferglow effervescent tablet also supports health promotion. Vietnamese stars say that by using products, they have a healthier state, feel more relaxed and are always ready to devote to the arts.

(Nguồn: Efferglow)

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