Doctor To Lan Phuong: 'Thanh Hang combats aging with Bluemoon method'

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Doctor To Lan Phuong - Dermatology Specialist, Specialist Director of Lux Beauty Center Dermatology Clinic in Ho Chi Minh City is known as the person behind the beauty, helping supermodel Thanh Hang "keep" her youthful beauty throughout 5 last year.

Sharing about her relationship with Thanh Hang, Dr. To Lan Phuong said that from the first time she had the opportunity to advise Thanh Hang, the supermodel expressed her beauty point very clearly. Accordingly, she prioritizes applying natural beauty methods, not invasive or injecting, and does not spend much time on relaxation. "Because Thanh Hang herself is a person who is afraid of needles and she wants to be a younger and more beautiful version of herself and does not want to change any facial features," said Dr. Phuong.

Knowing the needs of the 8X supermodel, Dr. To Lan Phuong researched an anti-aging method and named it Bluemoon (blue - blue - Thanh, moon - moon - Hang). She developed a non-invasive treatment regimen exclusively for Thanh Hang. After a long time of skincare, the beauty becomes more and more radiant.

Supermodel Thanh Hang and doctor To Lan Phuong.

Supermodel Thanh Hang and doctor To Lan Phuong.

Doctor To Lan Phuong possesses a solid knowledge base in the medical dermatology industry. She has many opportunities to interact and experience top beauty technologies in many Asian countries. Over 11 years in the medical dermatology industry, up to now, the female doctor has built an influence and reputation in the beauty community.

Specialist director of the Lux Beauty Center Cosmetology Center has a "great" academic achievement when achieving excellent students for 12 consecutive years and won the National Student Prize. Thanks to that, she was admitted directly to the University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Ho Chi Minh City. By 2009, she graduated from medical doctor and chose to specialize in dermatology. She continued to attend postgraduate classes to foster her expertise and serve work needs later.

Specialist doctor 1 To Lan Phuong - Specialist in dermatology and aesthetic skin.

Specialist doctor 1 To Lan Phuong - Specialist in dermatology and aesthetic skin.

After acquiring a solid knowledge base, Dr. To Lan Phuong continues to foster her skills and gain more industry experience. In addition to the certificates and practice licenses granted by Vietnam, Dr. To Lan Phuong also participated in short-term training courses in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand ... For female doctors, here is an opportunity for her to interact with the most famous aesthetics and technology in leading Asian beauty countries.

Among the countries where Dr. To Lan Phuong attended the reporting conference many years ago, the country that impressed her the most was Thailand. According to a female doctor specializing in internal aesthetics, Thailand is a country with some post-weather relatively similar to Vietnam and has almost Vietnamese skin color. In particular, the people of the Golden Temple country are very interested in skin care and beauty.

Since 2009, Thailand has blossomed in rejuvenating muscle lift technologies earlier than Vietnam. This partly proves that the progress of the internal aesthetic industry in this country has been many steps ahead of Vietnam. "The opportunity to set foot in Thailand many years ago helped me to understand and study more carefully about the Skin rejuvenation technology from complications, shortcomings, dangers ... of this technology, from which I can learn from experience and find out the best, safest way to apply for my customers.", she said.

Doctor To Lan Phuong and Lux ​​Beauty Center team

Doctor To Lan Phuong and Lux ​​Beauty Center team

For many years working as a famous internal esthetician in the beauty market, in 2020, Dr. To Lan Phuong was still engaged in business when opening Lux Beauty Dermatology Clinic. Center. This is a pretty big challenge for her as she not only continues to do well the role of an expert, but also has to operate a large-scale beauty facility.

Even in the recent volatile Covid - 19 epidemic season, the female doctor has to "improvise" before the challenges of the era. On the one hand, she strives to maintain beauty services that are interested by customers, and on the other hand improve and improve her skills. Up to now, the biggest and proud asset that doctors have built up is the possession of a loyal and high number of intellectual customers. Currently, Lux Beauty Center Dermatology Center becomes the address that many women choose to send beauty to.

Doctor To Lan Phuong - Dermatology Specialist, Specialized Director of Lux Beauty Center Dermatology Clinic:


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