Dangerous complications due to otitis media

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Master, Doctor Nguyen Kim Tuong, Head of Ear, Nose Throat Department, Xuyen A Hospital, said, otitis media can be found at any age, mostly in children under 5 years old. The disease can be cured if detected and treated promptly.

Recurrent middle ear infections can puncture the eardrum, cause deafness, meningitis, and even death. Photo: Hospital provided.

Recurrent middle ear infections can puncture the eardrum, cause deafness, meningitis, and even death. Ảnh: Bệnh viện cung cấp.

Symptoms of otitis media are easy to confuse with other diseases. Missing the chance of treatment, the disease can progress seriously and cause dangerous complications for children such as:

Hearing loss: In severe stages, the disease can lead to hearing loss in children, causing speech and development delay.

Otitis media: The brain is located near the ear. Hence, otitis media easily lead to mastoid ear infections. Inflammation passes through the blood vessels to the cerebral dura, causing many serious complications, brain damage such as brain abscess, osteomyelitis around the skull ...

Perforation of the eardrum: Inflammation of the middle ear can recur many times, forming a pus in the ear that causes a hole in the eardrum in a child.

Meningitis: Inflammation of the middle ear causes intracranial complications such as encephalitis, meningitis, many severe cases can cause death.

Doctor Tuong will pay attention to parents when he sees signs: ear pain, irritability when lying down, discharge, pus in the ear; Children often touch, pull hard, scratch their ears as if something uncomfortable; hearing loss, hearing loss, slow response to sound; Children lose their balance, fall easily and have a high fever, maybe over 38 degrees Celsius, runny nose, runny nose should immediately go to hospital for examination.

In addition, to prevent middle ear infections, children need to be vaccinated with influenza vaccine every year. At the same time, keep the nose and throat clean, avoid the polluted environment, dust and cigarette smoke. Keep the baby's nose warm and moist, especially in the cold season.

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