Cold weather easily paralyzed face, distorted mouth

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The 75-year-old man in Hanoi has a habit of walking and exercising at 5 a.m. on hot and cold days. In mid-December, after returning home from gym, he felt his facial muscles were stronger than usual. Drool was flowing out from the left corner of the mouth, looking in the mirror to see that the left cheek and center of the center were deviated to the right. Left eye not closed, accompanied by a feeling of numbness on the left side of the face, slightly buzzing ears. He thought that the disease would go away on its own, after 4 days of not getting better, then he arrived at the hospital.

At the Department of Traditional Medicine, Friendship Hospital, the doctor diagnosed him with peripheral nerve paralysis of VII due to cold, after excluding causes of brain stroke and infection. Patients are treated with acupuncture for 10-15 days.

Doctor Hoang Van Ly, Head of Traditional Medicine Department, said that the number of patients with peripheral nerve paralysis No. VII increased by about 20% at Friendship Hospital in cold days.

Symptoms include face asymmetry, cheeks and center is pulled to the healthy side. On the paralyzed side, natural folds such as wrinkles, nasolabial folds are blurred or lost, especially when the patient talks or laughs. When brushing teeth, drinking water or eating rice, water and food are spilled at the corner of the mouth, food is left on the paralyzed cheek, patient has difficulty eating, and the side eyes are not closed tightly.

Other less common symptoms include numbness on one side of the face, loss of taste in 2/3 of the front of the tongue, dry eyes due to lack of tear production or increased tear production that causes tears to flow.

The old man was paralyzed face, mouth distorted treatment with acupuncture method. Photo: Chile.

The old man was paralyzed face, mouth distorted treatment with acupuncture method. Ảnh: Chile.

Facial paralysis, distorted mouth can be found at all ages, does not affect life, usually resolves after 2 to 3 weeks of treatment. However, if you come to the hospital late, the recovery time will be longer or not, leaving behind distortion, dryness, scratches, and corneal ulcers because your eyes are closed, and are prone to dust and dirt. After recovering from the disease, there may still be twitching of the facial muscles because the nerve has not fully recovered, or the half of the face when the nerve degenerates.

To prevent disease, Dr. Li recommends avoiding cold winds, drafts, protecting the head and neck, wearing warm enough and avoiding sudden temperature changes such as from hot to cold. Those who are weak, do little exercise, regularly use alcohol, go early late at night or have a history of high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, stay up late, have a potential risk of disease.

Maintaining a healthy body, exercising regularly, and living in moderation are ways to prevent disease. When the symptoms of facial paralysis appear, they must immediately go to the medical facility for early treatment, to avoid leaving complications.


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