Cold season disease white fingers

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This condition is called Raynaud's disease. The phenomenon not only appears in the hands but also in the toes and ears. Her white fingers kept Rachel from feeling the surface of the objects in her hand. Not stopping there, it also brought pain.

"The ear is the most painful spot, it feels like someone has stuck a knife in it. Whenever I go out in the cold, I have to wear a wool hat," she said.

Anemia caused the tips of Rachel Smith's fingers to turn pale. Photo: Today.

Anemia caused the tips of Rachel Smith's fingers to turn pale. Ảnh: Today.

She must be on high alert for anything that might cause symptoms such as opening the refrigerator, holding a glass of ice water or even sitting in the air-conditioned room. Smith always kept a blanket in his car and gloves in his bag.

According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, Raynaud's disease causes the blood vessels to narrow when experiencing cold or stress. Anemia makes fingers look yellow, pale, solid, and cold. Sudden stop of circulation will be accompanied by a feeling of crawling, sharp pain, stiffness and awkwardness.

About 5% of the US population has this disease. Women suffer more than men. According to Ashima Makol, a doctor, specialist in rheumatism at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, this is an overreaction of the body to the cold.

"When you feel the cold, the body will put blood into the main organ systems such as the heart and lungs, causing anemia in the limbs," Dr. Makol said.

The condition goes away when the person is warmed or immersed in warm water. This process is equally uncomfortable, numb, or painful until it is completely normal.

There are two possible Raynaud's:

Primary Raynaud's disease begins in the teenage years or 20 years. Ms. Rachel was diagnosed with the condition when she discovered symptoms in her eighth grade.

Secondary Raynaud's occurs due to a pre-existing condition or to another factor. For example, most people with scleroderma often have Raynaud, according to Dr. Makol. People with rheumatoid lupus are also at risk.

The cause of the disease is thought to be due to spasmodic artery disorders, vasomotor disorders. Secondary Raynaud's has been linked to diseases and conditions that directly damage the arteries, according to the US National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute. Dr Makol says people who work with hammers, drills or other vibrating tools are also likely to get sick.

Some secondary cases of Raynaud's can result in abnormal tissue damage, nail damage, finger ulcers or even necrosis. People with primary Raynaud's rarely experience these complications.

Treatment depends on the severity of symptoms. According to Dr. Makol, the condition can be mild and controllable or it can be severe, several times a day, each lasting from 15 to 20 minutes.

The course of treatment depends on the medical condition, including:

- Tránh lạnh, đeo găng tay, tránh nư­ớc lạnh, gió lạnh;

- Keep comfortable, exercise;

- Kông hút thuốc , uống rư­ợu và các chất kích thích;

Take vitamin B6;

- Vasodilators;

- Surgery.

Mai Dung (Theo Today)

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