Chi Tai protects health with the effervescent Yakumi

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At the launch ceremony of the Yakumi effervescent tablet in Ho Chi Minh City on July 20, Chi Tai shared a lot about the method he kept healthy and was always interested in the news about stomach disease because the incidence of this disease is increasing.

Through research, he knows most people with this condition come from unhealthy living habits. Starting with unrelenting pains, if not treated promptly, the disease can turn to gastrointestinal bleeding. Signs are vomiting blood, blood mixed with waste, tar-colored stools, body weakness, dizziness, lightheadedness due to anemia ... Worse condition is perforation of the stomach, even cancer.

Comedian Chi Tai protects health with Yakumi.

Comedian Chi Tai protects health with Yakumi.

Some patients have stomach aches but in the form of "silent ulcers", which is not manifested externally. Until the stomach is punctured, patients often experience severe pain and suddenly, need to be promptly treated to ensure life.

Chi Tai said that he has experience in choosing functional products, in which the line to support stomach treatment has two types: long-term or urgent. Based on needs and body condition, users should choose the appropriate line. He believes in the supplementary type for a long time because it is derived from nature, benign, has no side effects.

On July 20, the launch event of Yakumi was attended by comedians Chi Tai and singer Dam Vinh Hung (third from right).

On July 20, the launch event of Yakumi was attended by comedians Chi Tai and singer Dam Vinh Hung (third from right).

Due to the nature of the work, comedians often run shows in the evening, so eating is not guaranteed, stomach disease is not always good.

"Before using any product, I was concerned about the quality and technology of production. Choosing a line of treatment support is even more careful to avoid health effects. Yakumi is manufactured with modern technology." Japan has been licensed by the Ministry of Health, so I am very relieved.The effervescent product is easy to absorb.After using, I feel relieved, the symptoms are noticeably reduced, and the spirit is refreshed. before, "Chi Tai said.

Chi Tai falls in love with Yakumi because he believes in the quality, is manufactured using quantum Nano technology according to Japanese technology line, helps the body absorb quickly, reduce pain quickly in 24 hours.

Products suitable for people with stomach pain, peptic ulcer with manifestations such as abdominal pain, nausea, belching, heartburn, burning, epigastric pain, bloating, indigestion, reflux stomach, esophagus. Take three capsules a day, divided into three doses, taking 30 minutes before eating.

The product is not a medicine, has no effect replacing medicine. Advertising license No. 2136/2020 / XNQC-ATTP, issued by the Ministry of Health, Food Safety Department on July 9, 2020.

Contact: Phamaco International Trade Co., Ltd

Manufactured in: KINGKAO Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company, Phu Tho branch

(Nguồn: Phamaco)

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