Brain stroke 'bleeding like a breaker'

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Doctor Dao Viet Phuong, Stroke Center, on January 13, said the patient did not have any special medical history. When he was admitted to the hospital, he was in a deep coma, his blood pressure was as high as 230/130 while the normal blood pressure reading was about 140/90. He had a lot of brain bleeding.

The ambulance doctors actively resuscitate their patients, but they cannot do anything about the massive brain bleeding. 8 hours after the onset of stroke, the patient is incapable of treatment, his family would like to take him home.

According to Dr. Phuong, the patient could previously have had high blood pressure without knowing it. Hypertension is the main cause of severe brain hemorrhage, leading to death.

This patient is one of the few young stroke cases admitted to the Stroke Center, Bach Mai Hospital, in the last two months of 2020. Bach Mai's Stroke Center has just been established for the past two months, receiving more 2,000 patients with emergency stroke, of which about 10% are under 44 years old. The youngest patient at the center has just received, only 14 years old.

Dr. Mai Duy Ton, Director of Stroke Center, assessed: "10% of stroke patients are at a young age, not a small number and tends to increase".

Before the establishment of the Stroke Center, Bach Mai Hospital received and treated stroke patients in many different specialties. Until now, stroke patients can focus on the specialist treatment center and own monitoring. Reality shows that young people with stroke are on the rise.

Khoảng 10% bệnh nhân đột quỵ là người trẻ tuổi

The doctor examined a stroke patient at Bach Mai Hospital. Ảnh: Đỗ Hằng.

According to research by Military Central Hospital 108, the rate of stroke among young people in Vietnam increases by an average of 2% per year. In which the number of male patients is 4 times more than female patients. The youngest stroke patient treated by 108 Central Military Hospital in 2020 is a 12-year-old teenager.

According to Dr. Ton, most young patients are hospitalized late, are not treated during golden hours, reducing the effectiveness of treatment. The cause is subjective, not recognizing the typical signs of stroke and the concept "young people do not have a stroke".

There are many reasons that young people have a stroke, according to Dr. Pham Van Cuong, Brain Stroke Center, Military Central Hospital 108. Commonly is cerebral vascular malformation, which is a cerebrovascular condition. Aneurysm, thin blood vessel wall causes cerebral hemorrhage. In some cases, blood vessels were dissected, causing narrowing, embolism, and cerebral infarction.

Cigarette smoking is the second most common cause of stroke. The chemical toxins in cigarettes such as carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, arsenic and cyanide, alter and destroy cells, increase the risk of atherosclerosis, damage brain blood vessels.

Bác sĩ Mai Đức Thảo, Trưởng khoa Thần kinh, Bệnh viện Hữu nghị, cho biết áp lực công việc, mệt mỏi trong cuộc sống tăng, cũng là một nguyên nhân gây đột quỵ. Stress (stress) increases, causing underlying diseases such as cerebral aneurysm, high blood pressure, increased pressure on blood vessels leading to brain hemorrhage.

There are also other causes such as dyslipidemia, obesity and inactivity, diabetes, alcohol consumption ...

According to experts, stroke in young people can be prevented thanks to healthy living habits such as regular exercise, exercise, living on time, avoiding prolonged stress.

Prevent disease by limiting foods that are harmful to the body such as processed foods, fatty foods, salty foods, do not drink alcohol and alcohol ... Encourage eating fish, fruits, fresh vegetables, cereals and vegetable oils.

Regularly screen for stroke-related diseases such as hypertension, cardiovascular ... Equip with stroke-related knowledge, go to the hospital as soon as there are symptoms of stroke such as sudden weakness, paralysis, distortion of mouth, difficult to say.


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