Blinding risk of blindness

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Doctors at Phu Tho Provincial General Hospital, on January 11, determined that her eyesight was very poor: her right eye and fingers could only see 2 meters, the left eye 2/10, the right eye dream had crawled through the pupil., completely covering the pupil, almost blind. Doctors indicated surgery to remove dream, autologous peripheral conjunctival transplant.

One day after surgery, the patient looked good, painless, and was about to be discharged from the hospital.

Doctor Ha Thi Dung, Department of Ophthalmology - Ear, Nose and Throat - Teeth and Mouth, said that this patient has the biggest eye dream ever received and operated by the hospital. The patient's dream body is large and thick, so the surgery is difficult and takes longer than other cases.

Dreamy eyes cover the patient pupils. Photo: Hospital provided

Dreamy eyes cover the patient pupils. Ảnh: Bệnh viện cung cấp

Dr Dung said that dreaming or dreamy eyesight is one of the eye diseases in which the conjunctiva develops, a thin, clear tissue covering a white part of the eye. The dreamy nature is a triangular tumor of flesh tissue on the white part of the eye that extends through the cornea. Tumors may remain small or grow large enough to affect vision. Blurred vision occurs in one or both eyes.

The cause of dreaming has not been determined so far. Some studies suggest that dreaming, due to excessive sunlight exposure, is common in people who regularly work in sunlight, people living in tropical or dry climates.

Common symptoms are red eyes, blurred vision, vision loss, itchy eyes, eye irritation, dry eyes, and a gritty sensation. Factors that increase the risk of such illness In a hot, humid area with plenty of sunlight, eye irritants such as dust, wind, pollen and smoke can cause dry eyes.

Mild blurred vision is usually treated with medication. When dreaming grows invasively on the black-hearted surface, to preserve eyesight and prevent complications causing vision loss, patients need to go to the hospital to have the dream removal surgery.

Blurred vision can recur, with an incidence of 30-80% and the likelihood is higher in people under 40 years of age. Prevent relapse with drugs that block tissue growth. However, the best way to avoid relapses is to limit your exposure to environmental factors.

To prevent disease and limit the development of dreamy eyes, should use glasses, wear a hat when outdoors, avoid dust, sunlight in the eyes. Use normal saline or artificial tears every day to wash your eyes. Additional nutrients good for the eyes.

Dr. Dung recommends that when detecting signs of abnormal eye or dreamy eyes should visit the hospital. Big eyeballs will affect the patient's life as well as the treatment process.

Thuy Quynh

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