Benefits of omega 3 for runners

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Good fats exist in two forms: monounsaturated (in nuts such as olives, cabbage, grapes, lean meat, butter, nuts ...) and polyunsaturated (including omega 3, omega 6). These nutrients not only provide energy for the runner, but also help produce good cholesterol that is transmitted throughout the body, prevents the risk of cardiovascular disease, regulates endocrine function, absorbs vitamins A, D, E and K. In particular, omega 3s are important for the athlete's post-match recovery phase.

Typically, a jogger consumes on average 25-35% of the fat kcals to build muscle glycogen. Accordingly, experts from the Academy of Nutrition and Sports advise athletes to limit excessive body fat loss, affecting the fatty acid reserves, making runner vulnerable to immune and reproductive systems.

Omega 3 in salmon improves heart muscle function, weight loss proteins, vitamins and minerals help keep bones strong and reduce the risk of cancer. Ảnh: Shutterstock.

Omega 3 in salmon improves heart muscle function, weight loss proteins, vitamins and minerals help keep bones strong and reduce the risk of cancer. Ảnh: Shutterstock.

Michelle Rockwell - Ph.D., lecturer in nutrition, food and exercise at Virginia Polytechnic University (USA) has done research on football players and showed: supplementing fish oil with substances Good fat helps to reduce aches and pains, improve neuromuscular function, contributing to the ability to accelerate to explode strength at the height of the competition.

Although omega 3s have great benefits, diets of athletes often do not focus on this compound, leading to lack of EPA and DHA - two substances involved in reducing inflammation, recovery and brain tonic. According to Dr. Rockwell, only 6% of the study participants consumed 500 mg of EPA and DHA based on recommendations from the American Institute of Nutrition and Nutritionists.

In addition, when recovering, athletes are often concerned about rehydration, electrolytes, proteins, carbohydrates and skipping good fat intake. While this type of acid makes it easier for muscles to absorb protein, it has a great impact on resuscitation.

The reason why the daily diet is low in omega 3s is that not many foods contain this nutrient, usually only found in seafood like salmon. ALA in flax seeds, chia seeds and walnuts converts to EPA and DHA at a very small scale (4-8%).

Experts say that although omega 6 and omega 3 are good fatty acids for recovery, runner should consider the rate of intake. Preferring omega 6 (found in sunflower seeds, peanuts, canola and soybeans) will lead to a disturbed anti-inflammatory effect. Therefore, more omega 3s are needed for maximum effect during the recovery period.

However, runner also does not need to set out a complex diet and machines to restore health. "Athletes should have an overview of the food, benefits from consuming them, rather than focusing on specific nutrients. For example, you need to know that salmon is not only a great source of omega 3, but also contains vitamin D is good for health, "said Dr. Rockwell. In addition, listening to the body, feeling the hunger for proper nutrition also contributes to maximizing the recovery process after an intense workout.

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