A small child has a stroke

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Specialist 2, Nguyen Thuy Minh Thu, Pediatric - Immunization Clinic, Ho Chi Minh City University of Medicine and Pharmacy Hospital, said that in the past, it was still thought that stroke only happened in the elderly. However, stroke can happen at any age, including young children. Childhood stroke is divided into 2 types, ischemic stroke and hemorrhagic stroke. Among them, the most common is hemorrhagic stroke.

A stroke is also known as a stroke. This occurs when the blood supply to the brain is disrupted or drastically reduced, causing the brain to be deprived of oxygen and malnutrition. Within minutes without enough oxygen and nutrition brain cells will begin to die.

According to doctor Minh Thu, the common cause of hemorrhagic stroke in children is cerebral vascular malformations such as cerebral artery malformation, cerebral aneurysms. When a child has a cerebral vascular aneurysm or cerebral venous artery malformation, the baby usually does not have any symptoms, sometimes there may be headaches, convulsions ...

"But when these lesions rupture, causing brain hemorrhage, it will seriously affect the children's lives. So it is necessary to recognize early in these cases", Dr. Thu said.

In addition, the cause of stroke in children is also congenital heart disease, hemostatic disorders such as hemophillia, thrombocytopenic hemorrhage and autoimmune diseases such as Anti phospholipid syndrome ...

For older children, signs of stroke are similar to those of adults such as distorted mouth, slurred speech, and sudden hemiplegia. In young children, these signs are very difficult to recognize. "There are many cases of stroke that do not show clear signs that the child is just suddenly lethargic, drowsy or irritable, fussy, vomiting ... These symptoms are very general and can be confused with illnesses. other reasons such as meningitis, "said the doctor.

When parents find out that a child has a stroke, it is necessary to quickly call an ambulance to get the child to the hospital as soon as possible. Children are treated early, the risk of sequelae is low, the recovery time is faster.

Doctor Minh Thu recommends that in order to prevent stroke in children, parents should screen for heart disease, if there is a blood clotting disorder in the family, the child should have blood clotting function tests, regular re-examination with children with the association. systemic inflammatory response.

According to the Ministry of Health, each year Vietnam records about 200,000 new strokes, of which nearly 50% of the cases will die, 90% leave sequelae because most of them go to the hospital after the golden hour.

Doctors treat the aneurysm sac for children to avoid the risk of rupture, hemorrhage and stroke again. Ảnh: Bệnh viện Nhi Đồng Thành phố

Doctors treat the aneurysm sac for children to avoid the risk of rupture, hemorrhage and stroke again. Ảnh: Bệnh viện Nhi Đồng Thành phố.

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