A piece of moon cake is equivalent to 15 minutes of jogging

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Dr. Nguyen Trong Hung, Head of Adult Nutrition Consulting Clinic, National Institute of Nutrition, said that there are many moon cakes that do not have specific labels on energy-generating substances.

Mooncakes have many types, many weights 120 g, 150 g, 180 g, 210 g, 230 g, many flavors. They all have a lot of energy in common, mainly from carbohydrates and fats.

Specifically, 25 g of cake (1 / 5-1 / 10 cakes) contains 95-122 kcal, including 10-13 g of carbohydrates and 4.3-7.7 g of fat. Thus, a 180 g moon cake provides between 500 and 700 calories, depending on the type of cake and the composition. Some pretzels can contain nearly 1,000 calories.

"To consume all the energy of 1 / 5-1 / 10 of those moon cakes, you need to dance 15 minutes, shake for 20 minutes or jog for 15 minutes or do housework for 30 minutes", said Dr. Hung.

Eating moon cakes, if you do not pay attention to controlling the total energy of the day, it can easily lead to excess energy, weight gain, obesity, blood sugar disorders, and increased risk of diabetes. In particular, diabetics should pay attention to the possibility of postprandial hyperglycemia due to the composition of the moon cake, which is easily absorbed and quickly absorbed into the bloodstream.

How to eat moon cakes to limit fat and do not adversely affect health, is to eat cakes with "the spirit of enjoying the moon". Eat only a small portion, a quarter or an eighth at a time, or use dieters.

Do not eat moon cakes when hungry, because that is when your body is able to eat more than normal. Eating bluff will cause weight gain quickly.

Do not eat moon cakes in the evening. At night, the body is less active and has lower energy expenditure than during the day. If eaten, the possibility of them accumulating into excess fat is very high.

The best way is to divide the cake into small portions and enjoy it at each time of day. When eating, it is important to consider the overall energy, nutritional composition and lifestyle regimen. From there adjust the amount of other foods for the day. In addition, incorporate exercise to increase energy expenditure in the body.

Thuy Quynh

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