A moon cake is equal to two bowls of beef noodle soup

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Dr. Nguyen Van Tien, Nutrition Media Education Center, Institute of Nutrition, said the moon cakes are sweet and greasy, providing a lot of energy. The amount of sugar flour for a cake or cake is equal to 2-3 bowls of rice (a bowl of 258 g rice).

A mixed cake with about 170 g provides 566 kcal, 16.3 g protein, 6.6 g lipid, 110.2 g glucide. A mung bean egg cake about 176 g contains 648 kcal, 2-2.5 times more energy than beef noodle soup. A 176 g scrambled cake contains 706 kcal, 18 grams of protein.

According to Dr. Tien, most of the fat in fatty meat is saturated fat, many harmful effects, especially for people who are overweight, obese or have a chronic disease. The amount of fat in a mooncake is about one to two times the amount of fat in a bowl of beef or chicken noodle soup.

The amount of protein in baked goods is quite high, usually animal protein. The vitamins in the cake are also not much, processed and preserved have been significantly lost.

Ăn bánh trung thu khó tiêu do nhiều chất béo và đạm động vật. Children who are obese or have impaired glucose tolerance, overeating can cause diabetes. Children do not have anorexia, when eating a piece of cake when hungry, blood sugar increases will lose appetite in meals, leading to loss of appetite and malnutrition. Therefore, adults should limit the amount of cake eaten during the day, giving children only one piece (equal to 1/8 of a cake) after a meal. After eating, children need to rinse their mouths right away to avoid tooth decay, especially sticky cake.

"If you eat 1/2 a cake or a cake, then during the day you have to reduce about a bowl of rice and the corresponding amount of food, and increase the amount of green vegetables to expel fat and prevent rapid hyperglycemia", Dr. advised.

If you do not cut back on the rice portion, you should walk for 30 minutes to dissipate excess energy. People with chronic nutrition related diseases should choose cakes for low-sugar and low-fat dieters to control high blood sugar levels.

Do not eat cakes with soft drinks, coffee or milk tea, to avoid bloating, indigestion for the stomach and increase the amount of sugar loaded into the body. You can eat tea cake or serve with berry fruits to reduce the accumulation of oil, fat and fat.

Choose to buy moon cake

There are many types of moon cakes, including traditional cakes that often have little flavor, less attractive color and packaging, high sweetness and more fat ... In addition, hand-made cakes are very popular. The formula is very diverse, new and creative in colors, but mainly for small-scale production with short shelf life.

Ingredients such as flour, cake filling, salted eggs, preservatives, and coloring products ... can be easily molded. Raw materials can be smuggled, goods that are floating on the market have not yet been controlled by quality. In addition, the processing does not ensure the hygiene process from the preliminary processing of raw materials, the place of processing, the processing tools, the hygiene and the health of the processor, making the product unsafe for users.

Các tiêu chí để lựa chọn bánh trung thu an toàn:

Regarding the label: The product must have a clear origin clearly stating the name of the manufacturer, the address of the place of manufacture, the ingredients of the product's ingredients, instructions for use and storage ..., and the date of manufacture., with desiccant package. Mooncakes have expired but their packaging should not be used.

Quality: Choose products that are not crushed and deformed, the packaging is not torn, the color is not unusual, there is no strange smell. The cake has a slightly dark and even yellow color, moderate gloss (more gloss due to long aging), soft shell, characteristic aroma. The cake should be flexible, so choose the one that has a thin layer of dough on the surface. Press on it to see the soft shell but not too sticky or sticky.

Carefully read the manufacturer's instructions on the package, store in a clean place, cover away from dust, rain, sun, and insects.

Rửa tay sạch tr­ước khi cắt và ăn bánh. When there are health abnormalities after eating cake, quickly go to the nearest medical facility for prompt treatment.

Thuy An

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