5 things to do when home isolation

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The Center for Disease Control of the City (HCDC), which requires all cases residing in the city, who have arrived / arrived in Danang since July 1, do not belong to the group of isolated quarantine, must declare their health and self-isolation at home. Duration is 14 days from the date of entry, the last day of contact with a case of infection or suspected nCoV infection, from the date of leaving the commune or ward with a case of illness.

If a person suspected of being infected with Covid-19 is diagnosed with no disease, those quarantined by close contact with the person will end the isolation.

Một gia đình ở Quảng Ngãi dán thông báo trước cửa cả nhà tự cách ly sau khi từ Đà Nẵng về, ngày 25/7. Photo: Linh Pham.

Mr. Le Van Trinh, 37, from Quang Ngai City, posted a notice of self-isolation of his whole family at home after coming from Da Nang, on 25/7. Ảnh: Linh Phạm.

During this time, the quarantine need to comply fully, strictly implement 5 requirements.

1. Quan trọng nhất là chỉ ở trong nhà, không đi ra ngoài trong suốt thời gian cách ly tại nhà. If violating, quarantined people must go to concentrated isolation areas.

2. While at home, the self-isolated subjects must stay in well-ventilated private rooms, or ensure that they are two meters away from other people's beds. Hạn chế tiếp xúc với mọi thành viên trong nhà. If necessary, wear a mask and keep a distance of two meters. Wash your hands often with soap or disinfectant solution.

3. Không được ăn uống chung. This person must use eating and drinking utensils separately.

4. Người đang cách ly phải tự thu gom riêng khẩu trang, khăn giấy lau mũi, miệng đã qua sử dụng vào 1 túi đựng rác thải riêng, để gọn trong góc phòng. During isolation, if symptoms appear, the bag will be disposed of by medical staff in accordance with medical waste. When the isolation period expires without symptoms, this waste will be disposed of as normal waste.

5. Tự theo dõi sức khỏe hàng ngày. Isolators need to measure the temperature twice in the morning and afternoon to see if there is a fever. Fever is when the body temperature is greater than or equal to 37.5 degrees Celsius. At the same time, when a cough, breathlessness or any health problem is detected, it must be immediately reported to a health care provider.

The person who isolates himself after the medical report will be contacted by medical staff at the Medical Center twice daily. In particular, at least once health workers will come to your home to record the health status of people in isolation.

HDCD also encourages people living with people in isolation to help and encourage the people who are in isolation. Daily clean floors, five-door hands, indoor surfaces with regular detergents. No crowds

Ho Chi Minh City currently has more than 18,000 people residing from Da Nang since July 1. The City Disease Control Center (HCDC) classifies them into 3 groups for maximum medical supervision. The city has activated the system of medical examination and treatment, increased control, appointed testing of all suspected nCOV infections.

Thu Anh

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