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Dear Mastitis: We Need to Talk

2019-11-14 09:49:415 min read8 comments
Dear Mastitis,I’m not sure why you chose today — the one day I was starting to feel like a human again after giving birth a few weeks ago — to rear your ugly head, but I have to say:Your timing stinks. Like, really, really stinks. It’s not bad enough I spent weeks dreading going to the bathroom; I’ve been struggling to feed a human from my battered nipples (well, technically, just one n
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Drop Attack: Definition, Causes, Treatments, and More

2019-11-14 08:49:415 min read8 comments
Drop attacks are sudden falls that occur without an external physical trigger, such as tripping over something. Drop attacks don’t involve any loss of consciousness during the fall. People regain equilibrium quickly if they weren’t hurt during the fall. Drop attacks typically last for around 15 seconds. Drop attacks are sometimes referred to as: atonic seizuresdrop seizuresakinetic seizuresHow
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Pinched Nerve in Your Groin: Causes, Treatments, and More

2019-11-14 07:49:405 min read8 comments
Your groin area is the region between your lower abdomen and your upper thighs. A pinched nerve in the groin happens when tissues — like muscles, bones, or tendons — in your groin compress a nerve. Tissue pinching on the nerve can interfere with the nerve’s ability to supply sensory information to a certain area of the body. This can result in symptoms like pain, tingling, or numbness that m
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Do Negative Ions Affect People? If So, How?

2019-11-14 06:49:415 min read8 comments
Ever been up in the mountains, at the beach, or in a thunderstorm and suddenly felt a huge change in your mood? That’s not just a feeling of awe. It might be negative ions. Negative ions are molecules floating in the air or atmosphere that have been charged with electricity.Negative ions exist in nature in tons of places, including:ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sundischarges of electricity in t
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Sleeping with the Lights On: What It Could Mean for Your Health

2019-11-14 05:49:425 min read8 comments
As a child, you might remember hearing “lights out” as a way to tell you it was time to go to bed. Having the lights off at bedtime is much more than a common bedtime phrase, though. In fact, the decision to turn out the lights — or leave them on — could affect your health. Yet the problem lies beyond ceiling lights and lamps. Light surrounds us from multiple sources, including streetlamps
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10 Morning Walking Benefits to Get You on Your Feet

2019-11-14 04:49:415 min read8 comments
When you wake up in the morning, movement might not be your first priority. But starting your day with a walk — whether it’s around your neighborhood or part of your commute to work or school — can offer your body a number of health benefits. Here are 10 reasons why you may want to start your day by getting in some steps. There are also a few tips to seamlessly work it into your daily routin
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How to Get Rid of Moths: 8 Ways, Plus Prevention Tips

2019-11-14 03:49:415 min read8 comments
Adult moths aren’t a big threat to your home on their own, but their larvae commonly eat through fabric, especially cotton and wool, and dry goods like bread and pasta. This can be a huge nuisance and ruin many good clothes, food, and other household items. There’s plenty you can do to get rid of moths to keep them from ever breeding and snacking in your home again. 8 ways to get rid of mothsN
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How to Get Rid of Silverfish: Removal, Prevention & Allergens

2019-11-14 02:49:415 min read8 comments
If you buy something through a link on this page, we may earn a small commission. How this works.Silverfish, Lepisma saccharina, are clearly not fish. Their nickname comes from their silver color and the way that their bodies move back and forth, side-to-side, like fish when they move. Why they like it in your homePlenty to eat. They tend to eat sugary substances called polysaccharides that are fo
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Scalp Buildup: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, and Prevention

2019-11-14 01:49:415 min read8 comments
What is scalp buildup?If you’re finding dead-skin flakes in your hair or on your shoulders, you might think you have dandruff, a condition also known as seborrheic dermatitis.It’s a common condition that can cause the skin on your scalp to flake. But it’s also possible you could be dealing with something else. Other conditions, such as psoriasis, eczema, and scalp buildup have similar sympto
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What Can You Do If Your Child Refuses to Eat Anything?

2019-11-14 00:49:415 min read8 comments
Many parents can relate to the frustration of having a child refuse to eat anything. It may start off small, with them turning up their nose at the “wrong” kind of chicken or the “stinky” broccoli. Then the next thing you know you’re making the same three items for every meal and wondering if your toddler can actually survive on buttered noodles, crackers, and apple slices. Before fallin
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